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Tuesday, June 26th 2012

2:55 AM

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From: Julyguy1aol.com
Subject: Helping HarryHelping Harry ... Copyright Alex Carr 2010"You know I would do most anything for you Harry - but this, well, I don't
think I am ready yet."
He looked at me glum like and I couldn't help feeling sorry for the old
It had been a month since we became more intimate in as much as he
persuaded me, after some deliberation, to wank him.
I still am not sure if I am sexually inclined to do it with other guys
"You must like it, Pete you do it so nicely." Harry said warmly. After I
told him about my doubts.And what he said made me think what was I doing there anyway. When he
enticed me to go to his place for a drink that really is all I intended. We met
at the bowls club and I gave him a good thrashing, He reminded me of my
Dad in a way although he was probably younger than him, I reckoned him to be
about twenty years older than me.We sort of got chatting and I discovered his wife had died of cancer some
three years back and I began to feel empathy for the guy."I'd love to do something with you, Pete - you know what I mean?" And
that was not long after we-d got to his place and it suddenly dawned on me why
he'd asked me, how could I be so naive!I guess I would have given him short thrift if he hadn't of looked at me
the way he did, the look of a real lusty guy eyeballing me below, commenting
what a great bum I got.For the first time in my life I had been embarrassed by a member of my own
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It just came out of the blue and to be honest I was in a bit of a
quandary."Think about it, Pete - you may very well like it - and I'm game if you
are and I promise to be as discrete you want me to be."I looked at him in another way now, he was not just the guy I was sharing a
drink with but something else, and could I marcia preteen nn really indulge in anything
which then seemed so absolutely bizarre?"Just take a look, see what you think, no pressure, Pete, you are such a
nice lad I would love to do something."He started to unzip his corduroy trousers and tell him to go do the preteen interracial erect boys preteen
thing!At that point I didn't know if I was coming or going but I just stood
there, as if frozen."There, that didn't hurt Pete did it?""No!" I said feeling my eyes focussed on his credentials - his hand
working busily there it until his appendage rose up like mine does when I play
with it, when I feel all those wonderful desires like I wanted to be with
a girl.But this was a guy, I was just eighteen and he was fifty!
And yet...
I did feel something stir.
Harry seemed to notice too and a wide smile creased his face."Touch me," he said warmly, "touch me and once you have, you will soon get
into it."I paused and carried on looking, watching him starting to wank himself,
but the infinite urge to touch was there, I actually wanted to touch and
gingerly I stretched down my hand to take hold of his cock and that was it,
it seemed not strange but oddly natural. It felt warm and good and, hearing
Harry's vocal reaction I felt good about giving another enjoyment.I felt myself wanting to go further, I squeezed and got use to preteen cunt pics the idea of
cock in hand, and another guys cock at that.
"There, that's not so bad after all is it Pete? And it is far better than
wanking yourself because that way you have control over movement, whish
makes it all a lot more pleasurable. Just help preteen bible yourself and let me enjoy,
there, feel it throb in your hand like this ..."We were both silent then as I started to massage him, his hand occasionally
gripping mine and prompting me to try another stance, he showed preteen cp pedo me just
how he wanted it, I started to stretch his foreskin right back and marvelled
at his sizeable knob all pink and wet. I recognised the scent, just like
mine after I had wanked, very earthy and pungent, certainly a turn- on
because I felt an arousal in my pants.Harry was not slow to notice and preteens panties cute
all at once I felt this wonderful soothing
feeling down there. Harry was touching me too and suddenly a whole new
world opened for me.For the next few minutes we silently indulged in a sort of wild frenzy
orgy, he stripped me completely and I felt his hands exploring me everywhere,
and I mean everywhere!Somehow he coaxed me to lay on his settee and the feel of his rough hands
indulged what seemed my very being. I thrilled at the thought kids nude preteen
of what he
would do next for that moment pics preteens free it was all one preteens in bed
sided - although I found myself
squeezing his cock when I managed to catch a hold of it, he was so busy
with his experimentations, moving about everywhere, it was hard to locate. But
when I did I realised with all that he was doing to me, that I would love
for him japan preteen movies
to put that wonderful attribute inside my ass, I really did. So I
knew at that time I did have a gay leaning and I felt good about that, it
was like a brand new wonderful world was opening for me.I lusted as his head furrowed between my thighs, his rough hands forcing
them apart as he indulged deeper , rubbing his face ardently against my cock
and balls, kissing and sucking there, sniffing me like I was a hot dinner
ready for the eating, that's how I felt as his sucking and licking became
more intense and I yelled I would cum if he didn't stop!But then he did something that certainly was going to change my whole
concept of what homosexual sex was, I felt him licking preteens gallaries
me there, his mouth and
fingers starting to rim me, I felt the passion rise as he pushed something
onto me, I presumes a finger - maybe two, I yelped and for a now my moment
to cum was interrupted. Harry told me to hang on, he'd get some lube to
make it easy. Me laying there wondering how it would feel, now I knew his
intention, obviously he wanted my ass, Would I give it to him? I was still
apprehensive to be doing this with another guy, wanking was fine and up to now
the rest was wonderful, but actually letting him put his ravaging cock
inside me was another kettle of fish.But then there was me thinking he was really hot, thinking how it must feel
for a girl first time when she realised there was no stopping it, that she
hadn't quite understood what snogging would lead to. That is how I felt, Harry was a big strong guy and I felt like if I
wanted to stop it happening, he would possible rape me But really was there any
need for that, after all I had already imagined how it would be if he did
put it into me, then he returned panting like there was no tomorrow, the look
on his face told me he was up for it, his cock showing the way before him,
it was as if he was in a complete world of his own, that he had just one
thing only on his mind, and I was soon going to discover exactly what that
But to give him his due - then he poked his fingers preteen porno into me again, working
them around inside with lots of lube, it felt a lot better and the
stretching started to feel actually good, he told me to bend over the arm of the
settee to give him more access and I obeyed -for the first time I wanted to
feel his sweet cock up me - , for one thing it didn't have finger nails and
was more apt for the job in hand. He showed me how to place ls preteen child
myself on all
fours and spread my legs so he could get between me, but first he said to
prepare him I must suck him and all at once I felt his huge fat cock fill my
mouth, tasting of the sea, pungent and I felt some moisture which must have
been his pre-cum trickle down my chin. somehow a big, big turn on, I
sucked him well and suddenly he withdrew it from my mouth, yelled at me to get
on all fours again, and then I felt the strong grip of his rough hands on
my thighs and new at that instant I was about to feel my first fuck of a guy."Just grit your teeth and it will be fine" he yelled starting to open me
up with the head of his busy cock.
It was like he was bursting me open, I really thought non way was he going
to get that into me, no way - but he was determined to fuck me no matter
what, he worked me slowly at first, telling me to help him by shaking my ass
around. I felt it going deeper, wondered how far it was into me as a sort
of numbness came and he slapped my ass - I twisted my hand back to feel his
cock, to feel how far it was into me, I was amazed to find it was all up
me except about an inch or so, then I felt him start to pull back which was a
bit painful, then another surge and ls preteen child this time he must have got it right
into me because he shouted Allah!"Now Pete I am really going to fuck your ass numb so let's do it preteen bible together
babe " OMG! It bloody hurt, it was so tight inside me, I tried to move
thinking that may help, but it made it worse, he carried on fucking and fucking
me, each deep hard thrust coming with loud grunt like and animal and I
felt completely beholden to him.I was hoping it would soon finish, the pain was intense, sexy preteen dolls
but all of a
sudden the pain was gone, I guess I was fully open and st4retched, his cock
riveting me, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the rest of his fuck, soon to hear
him cum with another rousing "Allah."And after all that he praised me, he rubbed some cream into my well
fucked numb hole and said it would be even better next time.After that I decided to `come out' big time. Now I was focussed on Harry.
He was divine and I absolutely admired him for making me aware of my true
potential and leaning.
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Tuesday, June 26th 2012

12:00 AM

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